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Congratulations if you are a homeowner and have made the wise decision to hire a realtor who respects that they are representing the sale of your largest asset. This caliber of real estate agent knows that online curb appeal is paramount in a competitive market.  With the majority of buyers searching online, give them a reason to stop at your listing and want to see more. Having your home ready to photograph is very important and is the single biggest  contributor to either making a great first impression or being passed over.   Below are some guidelines that will help put your best foot forward and allow me to get to work immediately upon arrival. 


Where should you be?


While photographing your home, I am continuously changing the position and direction of my camera and it's near impossible to stay out of the my camera's view if you are anywhere in the vicinity, even outside as you could appear through a window view.  Depending on the services requested and size of project, I may be on site from 3 to 5 hours. I am not a "run and gun" photographer. I work with professional gear and employ skilled editing that take a little more time but produce superior results and I still typically deliver photos in 24 - 36 hours after completion of a shoot, depending on my schedule and the services ordered.  

Guidelines for Getting Your Home and Property Ready


1. LESS IS MORE!  You can help potential buyers build a picture in their mind of living in your home by doing the following:  Stow away as many personal items as possible.  This includes everything from personal family pictures  on walls and shelves to soaps, toothbrushes, shampoos in the shower, papers on countertops, remote controls, most magazines, etc.  We are going for a spacious open and inviting clean look because it photographs much better.  

2. DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER, DECLUTTER.  Pick up common looking area rugs and runners in bathrooms, entry ways, kitchens, etc.  unless it is an important part of the design element.  Buyers want to see the floors and again, this contributes to a more spacious appealing look overall. Remove towels and wash clothes from bathroom, unless they are nice and an important part of the decor. Hide all trash cans, big or small!

3. CLEAN & NEATEN  Clean mirrors and major appliances and windows. Make beds, put away shoes and clothes and arrange toys neatly. Clean hearths and mantles and remove clutter. Remove coats, umbrellas, hats, etc. from coat racks and shoes from foyer and any visible area.  

4. OUTSIDE  Have all vehicles out of view of the home and areas that will be photographed.  Remove trash cans/bins, put up garden hoses, implements and tools. Place bikes, lawn mowers, etc. out of view.  Have grass cut and weeds/leaves managed. Sweep or blow sidewalks, driveways and patios. Uncover pool and spas (even if the water is not clean). Open patio umbrellas if you have them and set out cushions, uncover BBQ's.  Hide any covers. Sprucing up an empty garden bed is a nice touch. Turn on any exterior water / lighting features.

5. PETS.  I love pets!  But I request they be secured while I am there. Dogs in particular tend to get in the way of the photography and are at risk of knocking over expensive equipment. 

Thank you for putting in the time to give your home

the presentation it deserves.  

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