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Present your listing with the advantage that can only be viewed from above. 


FAA Certified and insured. Be aware the non-certified commercial drone work is subject to $11,000 FAA fines to the agent,

(whether the shoot is paid for or not). Recreational pilots also do not carry insurance as it is only available to FAA certified pilots.

Below are three basic pricing tiers. If you have needs outside of these,

feel free to contact me to discuss.


for quick straight up and down to grab one or two images if I'm already on site for a shoot. This is particularly well suited for homes on steep hills where a ground camera cannot do justice (see example on the slider image).


for a series of 4 to 6 still images around the property I'm already on site for a shoot. 


for special trip to a property to capture a series of aerial still images as needed.

see video page for

video options that include

aerial footage.

Note the difference between a ground photo and a slightly

elevated aerial photo of the same home in the foothills.

*Prices based on homes up to 2500 sqft and property up to 5 acres.  Larger or more complex properties to be quoted. Does not apply near some airports that require higher insurance.

Prices include driving distances up to 30 miles on good roads from Penn Valley, California. $1 per mile each way for further locations. Bad roads subject to higher costs.

Aerial Photography



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